Wood Stains

All our wooden furniture is universally available in the 6 stains shown below, further to this each model often has its own unique stain options which if not shown on the products page can be viewed on request. For a piece of furniture completely unique to a project, we can stain or lacquer furniture to match a sample.


Jarrett+Furniture+Standard+Stains copy 7.jpg

Upholstery Fabrics and Leathers

Our upholstered pieces of furniture can be finished in any fabric, faux leather or real leather our clients choose, we have accounts with all of the fabric companies and are experienced with sourcing fabrics suitable for different applications and settings.

We can also advise on suitability of fabrics and come up with alternative options that may be more apt for budget, lead time or practicality. Some of the Fabric Companies we work with most regularly are listed below, catering to our Worldwide Client's needs.